Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover in London

Hey Everyone!

When I was in London last week, I had the chance to see the coolest thing EVER! On March 8th, which is International Women’s Day if you weren’t aware, 100 female artists joined together to create feminine focused street art pieces that covered the length of the Leake Street tunnel in Waterloo. Having been to this particular tunnel a few times now, I can tell you…it’s REALLY long, so you can imagine what it must have looked like completely covered in art. The event was called the Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover, and its purpose was to provide aid for Breast Cancer care. After reading posts like this one and this one, it should be pretty obvious by now how much I love street art. I can’t tell you how lucky I felt to have been in London a mere 2 days after these amazing pieces were created!

As I understand it, a lot of people in the “art world” do not consider street art to be real art. I’ve heard it mentioned that street art has no meaning. Well, I say that’s crazy talk. Street art most certainly has meaning AND expression. The artists who participated in the Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover not only pulled inspiration from people they knew and admired, but also from their personal experiences with breast cancer as well. I don’t have to tell you how awful a disease like breast cancer is…so it’s not hard to imagine what it must have been like for some of these artists to drum up those emotions and reflect them in their pieces. The theme of each piece, in keeping with the color that represents breast cancer, was the color pink.

If my camera battery hadn’t given out on me, I would be showing you pictures today that I had taken myself (shame on me), but instead I found some fantastic prints on Flickr.

FIRST, take a look at this video!

Femme Fierce: The All Female Street Art Extravaganza // LONDON / 08/03 from BEYONDER on Vimeo.

NOTE: The following photos were not taken by me and are not my property. All photos below were taken by Andrew Smith (McTumshie on Flickr) and I’ve used the HTML code provided on his Flickr page:

Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover 1
Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover 2
Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover 3
Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover 4

I wish you guys could have been there to see the entire tunnel full of these pieces, it truly is something to great to see! Be sure to check out the Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover Facebook Page and support the cause!

Were any of you in London to see the Femme Fierce Leake Street Takeover?

Until next time!