Festival Season 2014: What Will You Be Wearing?

Hey Everyone!

This post is coming at you from not so sunny London! LOL! Actually, the temperature isn’t too bad here…it’s like it is at home which is better than it being colder. I hope to get some really good photos to share with you all next week but please forgive me if I don’t. After all, I am here to work :-)

All this talk about Spring along with the teasers of great weather we’ve had in Atlanta lately is starting to make me CRAVE Spring. I’m ready for the weather to be consistently warm. The poor flowers are even confused because they’ve begun to bloom in spite of the fact that on some days, we’re in the mid 30s…WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?

I’m not sure when festivals became all the rage (not that I don’t love them), but it’s a really big deal in most major cities these days. As some of you may or may not know, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be kicking off festival season 2014 with the reunion of Outkast headlining in April. If you don’t have tickets by now, don’t even bother trying to get them as all dates are completely sold out. Even more popular than the actual festival, is the fashion worn to them…it’s a REALLY big deal! Brands are offering some of the cutest things too! You know me, I’ve had my eye out for what people will be wearing. So far, some of the trends I’ve been seeing are Floppy Hats, Cut-off Denim Shorts, Kimonos, Cropped Tops and Fringe! All things that I LOVE! This is the perfect reason why some of the gifts I received for my birthday this year were so perfect! They have Festival Season 2014 written ALL over them!

Here’s my look: 

*Photos taken by Richard Glass

NOTE: The photos you will see in today’s post were not taken in London.

Festival Season 2014 1
Festival Season 2014 2
Festival Season 2014 3
Festival Season 2014 4
Festival Season 2014 5
Festival Season 2014 6
Festival Season 2014 7
Festival Season 2014 8
Festival Season 2014 9
Festival Season 2014 10

Thanks so much to my friend Megan of Lush to Blush for the beautiful Kimono from Dress Up Boutique and to my friend Cerrone for the gorgeous vintage necklace and earrings from Poor Little Rich Girl Vintage. Both stores are located in Atlanta.

If you live in the Atlanta area, have a gander at some of the upcoming festivals scheduled for this year

So, are you ready for Festival Season 2014?

Until next time!