Happy St. Patrick’s Day from StushiGal Style!

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Hey Everyone!

I’m fresh off of my trip to London last week and I can’t wait to share some of my pictures with you guys! Please stay tuned this week as I show you some of the great shots I was able to take during my walking tour. Since today is Monday, March 17th, I HAVE to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re one of my regular followers, then you already know by now that I’m a very proud Jamaican. What you may not know is that I’m multi-racial and both of my parents are of Irish descent (among other things). In fact, my last name, “Lynch”, is Irish.

My father’s mother, who passed away long before I was born, was a mixture of Irish, Scottish, German and Jewish…with Irish being the more prevalent of the four. I remember my father being very fond of her, and he often told me that I looked like her, which is an honor for me. In an effort to feel closer to my grandmother, I began a tradition of purchasing a different St. Patrick’s Day themed t-shirt every year. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been doing this, and most people don’t even notice that I’ve done it. Now that I have my wonderful blog, I’m happy to share this part of me with you all!

In past years, I’ve opted to purchase t-shirts that were sold in mainstream stores like Old Navy, Gap and TJ Maxx. This year, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different. After visiting Zazzle, I was able to find a t-shirt that said exactly what I wanted it to say! To be fair, I’m a lot more than just a Jamaican-Irish. I’m just not sure there’s a t-shirt that would fit everything I needed to put on it. LOL!

Here’s my look:

Happy St. Patrick's Day 1
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2
Happy St. Patick's Day 3
Happy St. Patrick's Day 4
Happy St. Patrick's Day 5

I hope you guys are able to get out and have one or two pints in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! I definitely plan to enjoy today and will be thinking about my grandmother.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What are your plans?

Until next time!