Mamie Ruth Clothing, Satchel., and MLiz Designs

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I’m continuing my coverage of Charleston Fashion Week today and I wanted to start off with one of my favorites! This runway show consisted of 3 designers…Mamie Ruth Clothing, Satchel., and MLiz Designs. Believe me when I say that after seeing these three designers come together, it was hard to believe these looks didn’t all come from the same brand. Mamie Ruth Clothing provided the foot loose and fancy free fabrics with ethnic prints, Satchel., provided chunky totes in beautiful earth tones, and MLiz Designs provided gorgeous, organic accessories made from the most beautiful, unpolished earth stones. Being the fan of print mixing that I am, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see some of the print mixing used for this show. I have so many new ideas now after seeing some of the patterns put together for these looks.

No matter how modern I like to dress at times, my heart belongs to the Bohemian Chic look, and this runway show was the embodiment of that. With Spring officially here and Summer just around the corner, these looks are perfect for the upcoming Festival Season that I wrote about in THIS article. If you like the words “Free”, “Fun” and “Organic”, then this was DEFINITELY the show for you to see!

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show: 

*Photos taken by Richard Glass 

Mamie Ruth Clothing 1
Mamie Ruth Clothing 2
Mamie Ruth Clothing 3
Mamie Ruth Clothing 4
Mamie Ruth Clothing 5
Mamie Ruth Clothing 6
Mamie Ruth Clothing 7
Mamie Ruth Clothing 8
Mamie Ruth Clothing 9
Mamie Ruth Clothing 10

These looks are Boho Chic at its best! I am DYING to get my hands on those zebra print shorts and I’m absolutely swooning over the leopard print maxi with the cropped top! This show was the Friday night opener and I couldn’t believe it would get any better than this. Well, it certainly did! Stick with me this week to see more of my favorite looks and be sure to check out these boutiques for more!

So, what was your favorite look from the Mamie Ruth Clothing, Satchel., and MLiz Designs show?

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